Bay Area Protests Zimmerman Verdict

trayvon market stHundreds protested all over the Bay Area with some of the largest taking place in Oakland and San Francisco on July 14th. George Zimmerman who executed Trayvon Martin simply for being a young black minor was found not guilty on all charges on July 13th in Sanford, FL. Martin, who was 17-years-old, was the 31st Black person killed that year by either a person in law enforcement or by someone protected by the American justice system.

During protests in both Oakland and San Francisco people in the streets were united in the calls, “We Are All Trayvon,” “The People Say Guilty,” and “The Whole System is Racist.” People also burned American flags to the cheers of many showing their anger at a class stratisfied and racist American state and justice system.

Malcolm X Grassroots, an anti-capitalist and anti-white supremacist  organization, released a statement on the verdict. “We have been hunted and killed in cold blood by the US government in increasing numbers. The verdict is a testament to the reality that the institutions of the United States uplift and are complicit in the ongoing genocide of Black people. We need a movement that takes on the systemic oppression and exploitation.”


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